The action of Mehdi Ben Abdallah will be important in the restoration of trust between Tunisia and Great Britain ...... we must mention the important business mission organized in Britain by the TBCC ... but also the innumerable initiatives to encourage the British investors to choose Tunisia ....” – Magazine Enterprises electing Mehdi Ben Abdallah in the top 100 managers that made the business move in Tunisia in 2017

Mehdi was instrumental in building the company’s strong reputation in Tunisia and has protected its interests through volatile times. He has done so with moral and professional integrity and utmost respect for key stakeholders, which is well recognized by the highest levels of Government and foreign diplomats. Mehdi is a natural communicator and interlocutor with people. His professional network in Tunisia and beyond is truly impressive…” - Senior Government Relations at Shell

I have known Mehdi when I was Minister of Finance, and we became friends ever since. I found him to be highly professional and competent. He is not only knowledgeable about his field of competency, but is quite versed in many other areas. His management style during the short period of crisis that has affected his group shortly after the Tunisian revolution was quite impressive.” – Minister of Finance, Tunisia

I have worked with Mehdi on complex and very material negotiations with the National Oil Company of Tunisia and various Ministries in that country over half a year. I can say that his relationship management skills are excellent. Mehdi has a deep understanding of the politics in Tunisia and his personal network is far reaching. He is comfortable in international setting and his style makes him a pleasant colleague to work with. His strong commercial acumen, his well-developed perspicacity and adaptability make him a precious ally on the negotiation table.” - New Business Opportunity Manager at Shell

Mehdi has done a terrific job in charge of external relations in Tunisia. He has a real feel for how governments work and how to build effective relations in support of an industrial operation…” – Former EVP at BG Group

Mehdi is a can-do businessman, who delivers results promptly, and is at the same time a pleasure to work with...” –British Ambassador to Tunisia

Mehdi is one of our most experienced Policy & Corporate Affairs Heads ….. and one of the most respected and senior figures in our Tunisia asset. He is extremely well connected with key stakeholders in government and beyond..” –VP & Global Head Government & Public Affairs, BG Group

Mehdi is a first-class interlocutor and political analyst with a deep and solid understanding of Tunisian political and economic dynamics. He has an excellent considerate communication style which works well in multinational business settings..” – Executive Vice-President, BG Group

Mehdi is known for being committed, reliable and pragmatic approach oriented. His high professional competences and his strong relationship qualities have made him the obvious choice for his company to deal with and solve issues whenever a challenging situation arises. 
Mehdi enjoys outstanding leadership qualities and has become a reference to whom his business partners turn to for advice and guidance.” – President of American Chamber of Commerce Tunisia