The Partner of Choice for corporations and government agencies

Excalibur International Advisory (EXIA) is an independent firm focused on supporting businesses and governments in investment and trade promotion. EXIA provides a comprehensive range of solutions to key investment-related questions and issues faced by corporations and government agencies.

Through our network of partners, we offer a one-stop-shop service addressing all our clients’ needs from policy affairs, communication, risk management and security issues to providing legal, financial and fiscal advice.

We act as the trusted and reliable advisor of our clients facilitating their integration in their respective environments, representing them and advocating for their interests while respecting the highest standards and values.

Solutions for corporations

We work with both local and foreign corporations and investors, and help them navigate through all stages of the business and investment process from prospection to implementation.

We support our clients in achieving their goals taking into account the political, social and economic environment in which their projects are implemented, providing them with best in class information, insights and connections.

Our expertise is based on many years of experience analysing and managing complex cases at the highest levels of engagements, both with governments and major multinationals.

We offer:
  • Opportunity identification and feasibility studies
  • Interaction with key high-level private and institutional players to assess investment and trade opportunities
  • Market intelligence
  • Optimization of incentive programs and tools
  • Gate to trusted and reliable expertise

Solutions for government agencies

We work with government agencies to enhance the attractiveness of countries as an investment and trade destination as well as to address businesses’ needs and concerns in order to attract and retain them.

We focus on:
  • Location marketing and promotion
  • Investor targeting and attraction
  • Business retention and aftercare

We act as the trusted bridge between the private and the public sector; we assist in facilitating country entry and in country development, and in understanding respective agendas.