Mehdi Ben Abdallah

Excalibur International Advisory (EXIA) was founded by Mehdi Ben Abdallah, Managing Partner.

Mehdi is a senior executive with two decades in the Oil & Gas sector and in International Trade and Commercial Diplomacy, with a strong expertise in government and external relations.

Mehdi has held several senior leadership positions within multinational companies including General Manager with Shell in Tunisia and Vice-President (and acting President) with BG Tunisia. He was entrusted to lead several hundred-million, complex government/commercial negotiations with high value impact, and lead sensitive stakeholders’ engagements for various critical issues in sensitive times.

Mehdi was also the Executive Director in charge of International Relations at UTICA (The Tunisian Employers’ Association) where he helped to reposition the Tunisian private sector internationally and supported alongside the government the negotiations of several bilateral and multilateral investment and trade agreements.

Mehdi is currently the elected President of the Tunisian-British Chamber of Commerce

He holds a Master's Degree in Commercial Diplomacy (MACD) and a Master's Degree in International Business Administration (MBA) from MIIS in the US. He also obtained a Master Degree in Finance from IHEC in Tunisia.